The American Center of Science and Education (ACSE) is a Nonprofit Organization dedicated to scientific research and publication to all the academicians, research scholar’s, scientists in America and rest of the world.

The American Center of Science and Education was established in 2010. Our team will guide you through each single step of publication until you get finally published.

ACSE publishes scholarly journals, scientific, and educational books. We specialize in publishing research journals covering a broad range of fields including sciences, medicine, social sciences, engineering, business, and management.

To provide the worldwide research community with a platform.

To provide an academic medium and an important reference for the advancement and dissemination of research

Why Should You Publish Through Us?

  • Have wide cluster of Journals covering specialty ranges to common journals
  • Wide coverage of published articles through indexing, abstracting and support services.
  • Adopting Creative Commons License enabling immediate dissemination of articles.
  • Creators hold the copyright; we require as it were permitting to publish.
  • Articles submitted to turnitin database through Crosscheck.
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