SET for E-commerce Transactions

  • Md. Rezaul Karim Miajee Faculty of Computer Science and Technology, The Millennium University, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Keywords: E-commerce, SET, SAIC.


The Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) is a convention intended for ensuring Visa exchanges over the Internet. It is an industry-supported standard that was shaped by Master Card and Visa (going about as the administering body) in February 1996. To advance the SET standard all through the installments network, exhortation and help for its improvement have been given by IBM, GTE, Microsoft, Netscape, RSA, SAIC, Terisa and VeriSign. SET depends on cryptography and X.509 v3 computerized certificates to guarantee message confidentiality and security. SET is the main Internet exchange convention to give security through validation. It battles the danger of exchange data being changed in travel by keeping data safely encoded consistently and by utilizing computerized certificates to confirm the personality of those getting to installment points of interest. The specifications of and approaches to encourage secure installment card exchanges on the Internet are completely investigated in this paper.


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Miajee, M. R. K. (2018). SET for E-commerce Transactions. American International Journal of Sciences and Engineering Research, 1(1), 13-15.
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