A Review on Effect of Pavement Surface Failure on Road Traffic Accident

  • Debela Deme Lecturer, University of Gondar, Department of Civil Engineering, Chair of Highway Engineering, University of Gondar, Gondar, Ethiopia
Keywords: Effect; Friction; Pavement Failure; Skid Resistance; Rutting; Road Traffic Accident.


Pavement surface condition was parameter used to define quality of road traffic system. In this review pavement surface condition inspected were pavement friction, roughness and rutting. In order to analysis the study considers all previous paper done by researcher in specified and related title. Due to data constraints and other related issues to signify the outcome this review randomly selects forty-five researches paper. As per the examination most researchers argue that affinity of pavement surface condition for the occurrence of road traffic accident was irrelevant in respect to another related factor (Vehicle speed, Road geometry, Wet pavement surface, Pavement edge and etc.). Even though; the impact was insignificant the number of people dies and injured kin with other accident triggering factor was significant. As a result; stakeholder must play substantial role to overcome road traffic accident due to lack of proper maintenance and management of pavement surface condition.


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