A Critical Review on Women Oppression & Threats in Private Spheres: Bangladesh Perspective

  • Rashed Ahmed Assistant Professor, Department of Law & Justice, The People’s University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh
  • Nishat Tarannum Lecturer, Department of Law & Justice, The People’s University of Bangladesh, Bangladesh
Keywords: Women Oppression, Sexual Violence, Women Legal Empowerment, Social Security, Marital Rape.


The Constitution of Bangladesh ensures the equal rights and status of women in public life. But nondiscrimination over women in the private sphere is not guaranteed. Consequently, there are significant disparities between men and women in all realms of life. Lack of equal access to economic opportunities, education, health services and their lesser role in decision making perpetuate women’s subordination to men and susceptibility to violence. The notion of the society about girl children within the family itself builds up a mindset that girls ought to be less important than the male children. The multiple forms of discrimination against girls begin at home and continue to the end of their lives. This imbalanced foundation of knowledge, fully biased in favour of the males of the family, spreads through the society in general, resulting in tremendous forms of violence and injustice to women as a whole. The article highlights the key reasons of oppression over women such as physical, sexual and psychological abuse that cuts across lines of income, class and culture and its ultimate consequences. This article evaluates the loopholes in the existing criminal justice system of Bangladesh concerning violence against women with mentioning necessary possible way outs.


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