American International Journal of Economics and Finance Research American Center of Science and Education en-US American International Journal of Economics and Finance Research 2642-2867 Implications of Tax Revenue on Economy Growth in Nigeria <p>The paper examined the implications of tax revenue on economy growth in Nigeria. The specific objective of this study is to examine the relationship between tax revenue and gross domestic product in Nigeria. Simple Regression was used to achieve the objective of this study. Secondary data will be sourced from International Monetary Fund’s Government Finance Statistics. It was revealed that there was a weak correlation between dependent and independent variable. It was also discovered that there was no significant relationship between tax revenue and gross domestic product in Nigeria.&nbsp; The study therefore recommends that Government should formulate policies that will minimize the volume of tax leakages in order to increase total tax revenue that will contribute positively to economic growth in Nigeria. The study also recommends that Government should always make sure that tax revenue is spent on social amenities and welfares of the Nigerian citizens.</p> <p></p> Samuel Olusegun James Adewole Joseph Adeyinka Idih Ogwu Emmanuel ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-04-09 2019-04-09 1 2 1 16 10.46545/aijefr.v1i2.66 Impact of Transactional and Transformational Leadership Styles on Employees’ Performance in Nigerian Institute for Trypanosomiasis Research (NITR), Kaduna State <p>The aim of this study is to determine the impact of transactional and transformational leadership styles on employee performance in Nigeria Institute for Trypanosomiasis Research, Kaduna State. A structured questionnaire was used to sample respondents using simple random sampling technique. Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire (MLQ-5X) was used to measure leadership styles and employee performance was measured using salary, job experience and job satisfaction. A total of 230 questionnaires were distributed to the respondents. Structural equation model was used to analyze data using partial least squares method SmartPLS2. The result showed that transformational and transactional leadership styles has a significant and positive impact on employee performance. Therefore, it saw recommended that Nigeria Institute for Trypanosomiasis Research should practice transformational leadership styles to improve employee performance in the organization in Kaduna State.</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> Iliya Yusuf Mamza Idachaba Odekina Innocent Elam Wunaki Elkanah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-04-23 2019-04-23 1 2 17 27 10.46545/aijefr.v1i2.67 Impact of Exchange Rate Management on the Nigerian Economic Growth: Empirical Validation <p>This paper examined the impact of Exchange Rate Management on economic growth in Nigeria between 1980 and 2015. The study was set to gauge how the management of exchange rate in Nigeria has impacted the economy. The study employed the Ordinary Least Square (OLS) method in its analysis. Co-integration and Error Correction Techniques were used to establish the Short-run and Long-run relationships between economic growth and other relevant economic indicators. The result revealed that exchange rate management proxy by various exchange rates regimes in Nigeria was not germane to economic growth. Rather, government expenditure, inflation rate, money supply and foreign direct investment significantly impact on economic growth in Nigeria. It is against this backdrop that the Nigerian economy must diversify her export base to create room for more inflow of foreign exchange.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> Friday Osaru Ovenseri Ogbomo Precious Imuwahen Ajoonu ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-04-30 2019-04-30 1 2 28 35 10.46545/aijefr.v1i2.68 Effect of Capital Structure on the Profitability of Listed Insurance Firms in Nigeria <p>This study examined the effect of capital structure on profitability of listed insurance firms in Nigeria for the period 2013-2017 The study used correlation research design. The source of data which were collected from the published annual financial reports of studies listed insurance firms in Nigeria. The population of the study comprised of the 28 listed insurance firms. The sample size was fifteen (15) listed insurance firms in Nigeria. The data collected were analyzed with the aid of OLS multiple regression technique. Using 75 firm-year paneled observations, the result of the ordinary least square regression showed that short-term debt has a negative and significant effect on the profitability of listed insurance firms in Nigeria. In addition, long-term debt has a positive and significant effect on profitability. Finally, premium growth has positively significant effect on profitability of listed insurance firms.&nbsp; Based on the findings, the study recommends that the management of listed insurance firms should strive towards having optimum capital structure by increasing their equity level and reducing dependence on debts so as to avoid being cash strapped and debt ridden.</p> <p><strong>JEL classification:</strong> C88, G22, G24, G29</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> Abdul Kerim John Alaji Idachaba Odekina Innocent ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-05-07 2019-05-07 1 2 36 45 10.46545/aijefr.v1i2.69