Article Processing Charges (APCs)

The APC (Article processing charge) is paid once only if the manuscript is accepted for publication after being peer-reviewed (This Journal does not use submission or review charges). In an open-access model, we promise that readers don't pay the subscription fee to access published articles online. Authors or a supporting institution pay for the publication of the article. With the support of Article Processing Charges (APCs), permanently unrestricted online access to published articles is allowed. Some fundamental costs like the peer-review process, typesetting, copy-editing, archiving, online production in various formats, abstracting and indexing services, promotion of the journal, and inclusion in CrossRef are covered. Hence, this journal is financed by Article Processing Charges (APCs). This journal charges the following author fees.
Authors can order a printed copy of the issue from an Executive Manager for 200 USD during the publication process.

Refund Policy

All products and services are sold “as is”. The author assumes responsibility for the payment, and no refunds will be issued.

Waiver Policy

We charge authors a fee for each article they publish. The charges vary from journal to journal; please find the amount required on the journal's webpage. This fee helps the open-access journals to cover their operational expenses. To avoid confusion and ensure fairness among customers, we do not waive or reduce fees/charges to anyone, including the editorial board member.

English Language Writing

Authors whose first language is not English should ensure their manuscript is written in idiomatic English before submission. Please write your text in good English (American or British usage is accepted, but not a mixture).

If you would like to choose an English Language Editing service, we recommend "ACSE Author Services":

Payment Method

Payment can be made by Visa/Master/American Express/Union Pay Cards. The executive manager will notify Payment instructions after the acceptance of the paper.