Problems and Holistic Solutions for Agricultural Businesses in Chiang Mai


Agricultural Industry, Agricultural Business, Holistic Solutions.

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Udomthanasarnsakul, P., Cholprasertsuk, T., & Chalermwan, P. (2019). Problems and Holistic Solutions for Agricultural Businesses in Chiang Mai. American International Journal of Agricultural Studies, 2(1), 1-8.


This research aims to study the problems and find solutions of major agro-industries in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The sample was divided into two parts: The supply side was the government agency, educational institutions and civil society. Demand side was Agro-Industry entrepreneurs. The methodology was focus on meeting the stakeholder debate, and group workshop, the first step of the research was selected the potential agro-industry group to study then in the operating phase, the survey was conducted to analyze and synthesize the problems of agro-industry and find solutions by group meetings in order to present a holistic problem-solving model. This process will provide opportunity for stakeholders and related agencies to collaborate and propose appropriate guidelines for action. The results show that, within demand side, the three most important issues are labor issues, marketing and production problems respectively. While the supply side, the top three issues are the integration problems, lacking of language skills / expertise, and lacking of database. Based on the analysis of both demand and supply side, there is a lack of concrete cooperation from relevant agencies, especially in policy cooperation. Therefore, a policy that responds to the problems of agro-industry is essential for all agencies to focus on and implement concrete measures to address sustainable issues.


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