American International Journal of Sciences and Engineering Research 2019-08-31T00:19:11+06:00 Managing Editor Open Journal Systems Autonomous 4WD Smart Car Parallel Self-Parking System by Using Fuzzy Logic Controller 2019-07-01T20:49:58+06:00 Md Mamunur Rashid Mirza Mustafizur Rahman Md Rashidul Islam Omar Naser Alwahedy Abubakar Abdullahi <p>Automatic car parking obtains information about available parking space, process it and then place the car at certain position. It is inevitable for the people to update with the growing technology and generally people are facing problems on parking vehicles in parking slot in a city. The Automatic car parking which enables the user to find the nearest parking area and gives availability of parking slots in that respective parking area with the help of LCD display and it mainly focus on reducing the time in finding the parking slots and also it avoids the unnecessary travelling through filled parking slots in a parking area. Thus, it reduces the fuel consumption which in turn reduces carbon footprints in an atmosphere. Sometimes, it is very difficult to find a suitable parking place in parking lot. This research paper has proposed a suitable solution to this problem.</p> <p><strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> 2019-02-01T00:00:00+06:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## A Mathematical Study on Non-Linear MHD Boundary Layer Past a Porous Shrinking Sheet with Suction 2019-07-01T20:50:40+06:00 V. Ananthaswamy K. Renganathan <p>In this paper we discuss with magneto hydrodynamic viscous flow due to a shrinking sheet in the presence of suction. We also discuss two dimensional and axisymmetric shrinking for various cases. Using similarity transformation the governing boundary layer equations are converted into its dimensionless form. The transformed simultaneous ordinary differential equations are solved analytically by using Homotopy analysis method. The approximate analytical expression of the dimensionless velocity, dimensionless temperature and dimensionless concentration are derived using the Homotopy analysis method through the guessing solutions. Our analytical results are compared with the previous work and a good agreement is observed.</p> <p><strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> 2019-06-07T22:09:39+06:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Road Traffic Accident in Ethiopia from 2007/08-2017/18 2019-07-01T20:53:50+06:00 Debela Deme <p>Traffic accident increased periodically in alarming rate and it was a serious problem throughout the globe particularly in developing countries like Ethiopia. This research concerns on Analyzing Road Traffic Accident in Ethiopia from 2007/08-2017/18. The main objective of the study was to investigate the growth rate of road traffic accident, road network coverage and motorized vehicle, and relationship between them in the past elven (11) year. In order to address the required objective the study use secondary data collected from Ethiopia federal police commission, Ethiopia road authority and Ethiopia federal transport authority. Basically, descriptive and inferential statistical analysis approach was used to analyze the data. The finding of the study revealed that; in the past eleven year more than 291577 Road traffic accident, 912956km road network and 681000 motorized vehicles were developed. Due to Road traffic accident Ethiopia loses around 36.3 billion birr (estimated 1.3 billion $ in current exchange rate of 28 birr for 1$) in the past eleven (11) year in Ethiopia. In average annually Ethiopia loses around 0.9% of budget due to traffic accident in the past eleven year. Average annual growth rate of road traffic accident, road network development and motorized vehicle were 9.16%, 10.81% and 13.34% respectively. In Ethiopia in the past eleven (11) years more than 276491 road traffic accidents, 912956km road network and 681000 number of motorized vehicle were newly introduced since 2007/08 in the study period. The variation on road traffic accident, road network coverage in km and motorized vehicle between commencement of study period (2007/08) or Ethiopia millennium (2000E.C) with end of the study period (2017/18) were estimated around 25914, 82414 and 563003 respectively. Finally, the study intend that road traffic accident had no direct or indirect relation with growth of motorized vehicle and road network coverage in Ethiopia. To curb the problem faced due to road traffic accident the government and other stakeholder must careful the issues to minimize road traffic accidents in Ethiopia.</p> <p><strong><a href=""></a></strong></p> 2019-06-14T21:03:55+06:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Development and Position of Africa in Science and Technology Today 2019-08-31T00:19:11+06:00 Adedokun J. Olusegun Akinsanmi Fatima Fasasi Abiodun Wakeel <p>Science and technology capabilities are fundamental for social and economic progress in African countries and they are crucial components aimed at fostering growth and development of every nation as they create impact on the various sectors of governments. Maintaining and Strengthening the contributions of science and technology become more important for Africa in addressing traditional development issues and successful application of science and technology entails establishing effective institutional framework and linkages so that the various science and technology institutions and the productive sectors work in a system that is focused on achieving developmental goals without undue duplication and completion. Unfortunately, many developing countries especially the poor countries in West Africa do not have human resources, physical and economic infrastructures and access to capital to take full advantage of the science and technology expertise and achievements of the developed countries like the USA, China, and Korea etc. Conclusively, it is imperative for Africa especially West African countries to embrace science and technology as a vital tool for accelerating their socio-economic development as science and technology enhances its international competitiveness and more importantly its position in the world economy.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> 2019-08-31T00:19:11+06:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##